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Root Canal: the final frontier

4 Jan


Today was the blessed root canal part two. The final day of some old guy sticking his hands in my mouth and making corny jokes to the hygienist. My endodontist is very pleasant, and owns a practice that his sons also work at. They give me a hot towel to clean the fragments of tooth off my face and send me on my way with instructions to not eat or drink anything hot for at least an hour, and will help me get out of the dentist chair because of how long I am laying on my back with my legs almost straight up in the air.

Wanna know a secret? I love it.


I get to travel over the water alone. I get to physically walk into some place to buy my coffee (I say ‘some place’ because it’s a gas station, but their coffee is really good), and when I pick up breakfast at Jack in the Box I dont have to listen to my beautiful children request things that don’t make sense. Sure, it’s incredibly early in the morning for some people, but making an appointment like that at six in the morning suits me. Then I just lay in a chair and listen to Peter Gabriel and John Denver until they are done. Okay fine, I can’t feel half my face and it hurts, but it’s a smidge of me time.


Plus, I get to take funny pictures of myself with dental dams and crazy lighting.


I used to hate the dentist. I thought it was horrible. I needed laughing gas. I couldn’t hold it together. I would cry during X rays.

Thank god I grew up.

I sit there calmly, patiently. I don’t bring my teddy bear and I can breathe sweetly without throwing up on the dentist.

Maybe it was something that changed with time. I just got over being frightened. But I have my doubts on that. If nothing around you changes, then how are you supposed to grow? If you never live on your own, then where is your drive to succeed in life as something bigger then yourself? To get over fears that make no sense? I have curbed my irrational fears of the dentist, and I am damn proud of that. I hope my kids move out of my house when the time is right and become strong, lovely, smart people, who can reflect on things and be proud of themselves.

It was a good dentist appointment. And when I got home, I got to help Harold and Kirby start their days too.

Good Night

3 Jan

This is a short post, because I have the second part of my root canal tomorrow. I had an interesting day, and it will never go down in the record books as being the craziest day ever, but enough happened. Just enough. I’m done for this day, and I’m ready to start tomorrow with a fresh perspective. And sleep. That might be helpful.


Wish me luck on my root canal!