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Nothing Sort of Post

8 Jan

I don’t have much to say tonight. I’m just done with this day. Nothing was substantialy great,  or that bad for that matter. Just not great.


Every. Single. Morning. But it’s worth it.

5 Jan

I have a really basic morning routine. It pretty much goes like this:

Open eyes.
Don’t hit snooze on the alarm.
Proceed to role out bed and haphazardly shuffle to the coffee maker.
I then make coffee if I didn’t get it ready the night before.
Take the dog for a quick walk.
Run and get my butt ready to go because I did in fact hit the snooze button, my blazer needs to go through the dryer again because I wrinkled it, and I didn’t put makeup on yet.
Drive to work obeying the speed limits but still making sure that I get there in time.

What’s the moral for this? I need to dictate my time much better then I do.

corprate world Caitlin!

That’s every morning now, and while I don’t have the wonderful morning only shift that I did as a barista, I do have security, returning customers, and confidence that this was a good idea. I don’t have the 4pm crash that I had, and I enjoy not going to bed at 9pm every night.

a regular day

After a whole day of that, I come home to this;

Shadow sleeping
Kirby eating cookies or something idk
Kirby and the Pussy Cats!

And it’s pretty great.

From a working mom to another,