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19 Jan

I have a deep dark secret.

My house is infested.

That’s right, I said it, it is infested. I can’t walk, think, breathe, or cook without seeing one of them. I step on them constantly. They fly at my ankles when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. I know, I know, this is a problem.

In the German language they are called “zug”. In English we call them “trains”.

Yeah, I have a train infestation. I watch that show Infested on Animal Planet and clean my house every Friday evening, and I see these infestations of raccoons, spiders, ants, and I can tell you that our infestation is eerily similar. The trains are everywhere, they hide in my bed while and I swear they bite me while I sleep, as well as scurrying around baseboards and fleeing the scene when the lights are turned on in a room (I think that might be the fact they are still moving across the hardwood when I walk into them, followed by turning on the light, but I can’t be sure). It is terrifying. One of these days I’m going to find one in my plate of spaghetti and just give up the fight. I put them away every night, I clean up their little homes of tracks and stations before I turn in for the night. I swear, I am doing everything short of hiring an exterminator.

I guess it’s part of the magic of having a Little boy. Our whole lives are dictated by the choochoo. Kirby loves his choochoos, it is ridiculously cute.

Well, that’s all I really have to say for the night, as last night I had my wisdom teeth taken out and I am still recovering, and trying to run a household, and let me just tell you, with two extra holes in my head for the time being, our house is not running very smoothly. Kirby seems to have found a bag of gummy bears.

Simple. Safe. Delicious.

10 Jun

I am blessed on Sundays. On Sundays, I pack up Kirby and we go spend the evening with our friend Brady and Robyn, and their five kids. Other friends join us for a supper that normally has a theme, and we dine and catch up. Karen and Robyn talk about horses, and I politely excuse myself to the outside to check on the kids, because I know nothing about horses. Of course, I am PRO Pony, but I know nothing. My friends love them, and I love my friends. So I guess, in a way, I love horses? It’s like six degrees from Kevin Bacon, but it’s more like six degrees from horses.

One of the magical things that happens on Sundays is that I get to watch Kirby and Alayna play. They are a week apart, with Alayna being a week older (she is such a cougar), and born in the same hospital.


We finished it off with Pina Colada Bundt cake. It was amazing. I already knew I would like it as soon as Robyn said she was making it, I mean seriously, I already like getting caught in the rain. I’m not so big on waking up at midnight though, and dunes are a hit or miss in my book (sand can really get everywhere), but I am still in favor of Pina Colada anything.

Happy Sunday!

Cinderella should have had a roomba.

19 Oct

Anyone who has kids knows that there is always something to do. Something to clean, something to color, something to spell, or something to kiss and make better. As mom’s we are the booboo patrol, the drivers of the whambulance, the scullery maid, the executive chef, and the queens of the castle. This weekend, I was all that and more, I was the plumber.


I’m not the first one to raise my hand when someone needs help with power tools or building things. I simply do not know how to use most power tools and therefore become more of a burden. Alas, it is the 21st century, and women are strong and independent. I wanted a new shower head. The one that was in our shower was basic, very ho-hum. There was nothing exciting or note worthy about it. It worked though, so there was no huge rush to put in a new one. Harold likes the standard high pressure shower head, while I had dreams of luxurious showers in the amazon rainforest, where I would bathe under water falls and listen to the birds cuckoo their tropical symphony. While at home depot, we came across the bathroom aisle and found a great DOUBLE shower head at a reasonable price. Is it my amazon rainforest waterfall shower head? Not exactly, but it does have a nice cover all downpour rain effect that I like very much. We bought it, and it was my job to install it.

Now, I have installed shower heads before, but nothing with this many parts. There was the tube, the two shower heads, the rotating knobby thing. I thought I lost a washer, I couldn’t get the original shower head off, I had to learn to use a expandable crescent wrench, and I googled how to get it unstuck. I even slipped while putting parts of the new one on because no where on the package did it say “WARNING: Do not install while standing on the edges of your tube in wedge boots, and please for the love of all that is good don’t stand in a wet tub because you will slip and possibly die”. It was done though, I did it. I am proud and excited, and every time I take a shower I think of how exciting it was to do by myself, and how I didn’t break anything, only bruised my hip.

Secondly this weekend, I cleaned. I did more than my normal weekend cleaning, I deep cleaned. I broke out the mop, I moved all the furniture to the porch, I polished the cabinets and doors with orange oil, I folded clothes. It was hectic. Yesterday, after everything was said and done and we were already mid way through the week, I discovered the roomba. Now, I was always the person to make fun of the stupid things. It’s a vacuum, a robot vacuum. Harold had one though, I never used it. I even lost the cord. I found the cord while looking for other cords, and I charged it. I turned it on yesterday. It was a miracle. It got all the little crumbs, I didn’t have to sweep! It chased Kirby, Kirby chased it. It was a hoot. Long story short, cleaning isn’t always fun, but it’s what you make of it.


Today we are going to a pumpkin patch, to pick real pumpkins. The kids are going to love it, heck, I’m going to love it. Fall is amazing, and the best season to get things in order and running smoothly for the rest of the year.


Stay cozy and warm!


Dilly bars, car trips, and Mellencamp

25 Jul

It’s been a long weekend of family, friends, and pig roasting. In retrospect, my weekend could have been a country song. Now as it is Monday, I am back to work and trying to adjust to being a slave to my ever-growing pile of laundry and house that needs to be vacuumed, as well as moving to the new house. A vacation, no matter how long, is always a nice way rejuvenate and relax. This is especially true when you are bathing in vitamin D and visiting with people who you seldom see. For now, as I have not gone through and edited all the pictures from my weekend, I will talk about two of my favorite moments from this weekend. This first is a small and insignificant thing for most people, but really hits home for me.


Growing up in our town is the definition of a John Cougar Mellencamp song. There is not a lot to do but that is okay. It’s a great place to learn what plant s are okay to stick in your mouth, what park has the best swing set, and what beach has the best place to park with your sweetie. Harold and I had one thing that our kids don’t get to experience, and that was a Dairy Queen. When I was young the owners changed hands, and that Dairy Queen was no longer a Dairy Queen. It became a delicious hamburger joint known as Zoomies that I worked at for quite some time during my high school years. The amazing service, finger licking food, and laughter were still there to embrace, but the Peanut Buster Parfaits were gone, and this was a big deal to me when I was 10. Zoomies is not the same anymore, and with no delicious ham,burger joint to be found, Daphne and Kirby don’t get to experience the same feel of that building as Harold and I did. There are still Dairy Queen’s in the area, but we seldom go off the island to enjoy them. Friday was different, and we were next to one and decided that it was the best way to start off our vacation.


We enjoyed our double cheeseburgers with no abandon, and had some great laughs. Daphne was such a smart girl and never stops surprising me. When she ordered her cheese burger she asked for milk, and when asked if she wanted chocolate milk or regular milk, she replied regular. If milk is something she wants, I am always happy that she speaks up, and when she goes for the regular milk verses the chocolate milk, I do a little happy dance. How often is it that a four-year old will willingly snatch up regular milk over chocolate? I never would have done that when I was her age. When it was time for ice cream, Daphne asked if she could have chocolate soft serve in a cup with the cone on top, yet again a great joy because it means less mess! Harold shared his hot fudge sundae with Kirby and I enjoyed my butterscotch dilly bar. I love creating memories like this, because it greatly reflects the memories that I had growing up of going to the DQ with my father for an afternoon treat. The ice cream was cold, but it still warmed my heart.


I drive and 1984 Toyota Camry, at least this was until Friday. As my car was over the 200 thousand mile mark, and was not the safest car to drive long distances, we had been looking for a replacement. Friday was our lucky day, as we found the perfect car on craigslist. She is a 2000 Mercury Sable, in a champagne gold color. While it was completely in our budget, it also had only minor problems and only 76 thousand miles. Can you say AMAZING DEAL? We drove her all weekend and are in love. Big enough for the kids in the back, spacious trunk, and comfy to boot. A big thumbs up from this mom!

Her name is Angela Lansbury because she is a champagne colored goddess, feels like you are riding on a bed going to magical places, and my father’s Buick Century is named Matlock, so they can solve crimes together. Our cars are the best of friends!



No I haven’t seen Harry Potter

18 Jul

An ominous mist has engulfed the north end of my island. It’s pretty terrifying, as I have read Stephen King’s “The Mist” from back to front countless times and seen the movie. I can tell you that reading about the monsters is more terrifying then seeing them because you can imagine all the little details of dripping mucus and oozing orbs of poison as they drip from the fangs of whatever creature has just whacked the elderly woman down in the isle of canned goods in the grocery store that they are all hiding in (maybe he was just getting some chicken and stars for the little mini blood sucking offspring that he has at home, we will never know), because apparently the best idea was to barricade yourself in the one building with a completely glass store front. But hey, at least they outlasted the people in the pharmacy!

This is the mist, and please excuse the horrible picture from my phone, I don’t normally bring my DSLR to work.

This is an odd July here in our town. Normally the weather is horrible till now, then it lightens and the sun finally pries itself out of the clouds and we all gripe about our sunburns for a month and it goes back to the cool moist air that we are so accustomed to.

REO Speedwagon just started playing on the radio. Give me a second while I jam out to this wonderful song of continuous love.

Well, this weekend was our annual town festival. Every year vendors come, as well as local businesses, and set up booths along main street to peddle goods or to get the word out about whatever currently worldly conundrum hits close to their hearts. You see everyone you know, and everyone who you have gone to high school with and would like to forget. It’s the magical quirk of a small town coming together for a weekend once a year to celebrate the picking of a fruit that we don’t actually pick anymore, because hey, we could just go get it all at the Costco across town, right? In the end you come home full of street food but still hungry, and either sunburned, damp from the rain that didn’t stop you from looking at dresses made in Thailand that have been priced at $10 a pop, or incredibly dehydrated because you didn’t think to keep drinking water and you only drank soda and the melted snow cone you bought thinking that was going to be a great way to keep liquid in your system. Did you learn it wasn’t? Are you going to vow to keep a water bottle on you at all times now? Are you going to forget your bottle of water the next time you spend 10 hours outside walking around with your family? Awesome. I’m glad we got that covered.

Here are some quick pictures of my wonderful family and I participating in the festivities. I like to think they are pure photography gold, but sadly I’m no Kelle Hampton. Maybe someday one of my pictures will get spotted by a person who happens to be wealthy and put photographs in National Geographic or some other large publication, buy my picture, and I will live off the royalties till I’m old and gray. Well, a girl can hope, right?

At this point the kids were about done with walking around and participating, and Daphne just wanted to get her groove on and kept dancing.

Today our TV gets hooked up at the new house, and next week our appliances get delivered. It’s going to be a hectic time full of weddings and camping trips, but thankfully we have a plan. I think. I’d like to think we have a plan.

I hope that my random method to my madness posts aren’t that annoying, because soon I will be starting my weekly cooking videos because I’m hilarious when I actually talk and my food is only sometimes burned 🙂

Happy almost August!

Farmers market, buying a house, and bruschetta!

9 Jul

When explaining to my mother-in-law why it is so expensive to put in a new septic system in your home, I said “it’s because no one wants to deal with your shit”.

We have signed and closed on our new house! We are first time buyers, and it was a long laborious process. I can only hope that next time we buy a house it goes smoother and we know what to look at first and what to say when we don’t like how it’s going. All that being said it was a very wonderful process and our realitor was great! I spent last night mopping, gardening, and scrubbing the new house because I do not want someone else dust and grime when we move in. The motivation kept going through this morning when I mowed the lawn at our current house, and I am very thankful. Harold put Kirby in front of the TV with Sesame Street and he was happy in his play pen.

I picked up my friend, and hopefully future sister-in-law-in-law for a day of garage sailing and the farmers market. She got in her necessary baby time and I got to spend time with a real person that I am not married to, poops their pants, or that I am serving at work. We got some great finds such a Wings, a perfume by Gerogio of Beverly Hills that you can’t buy anymore and happens to be my favorite scent ever for summer, cook books, coffee cups, mini loaf pans, and apple shaped plates (for Carrie, I hate apples). At the farmers market I bought some lavender simple syrup for lavender lemonade, lavender mojitos, and lavender butter cream frosting. We stopped at the bakery and I bought some day old baguettes which are perfect perfect perfect for bruschetta, and the island heritage museum and had a great day. It was well worth the taking the baby out and putting him back in the car a zillion times.

Signing for the house at the bank and Harold carrying me across the threshold of the new house. We then had a champagne toast with family. Also, as you can see in this photo I have incredibly long feet and high arches. God blessed me with the fact that I can almost never thrift shoes. I say blessed because I don’t like to stick my feet in peoples foot sweat. Do you?

Kirby was talking on the old time telephone!

Delicious five minute bruschetta. Take the bread and slice it on the diagonal, then put chopped tomatoes that have been tossed in basil and olive oil on the tops, and garnish with cheese! Place under the broiler for about 5 minutes. DELICIOUS! You get the obligitory shot of the food super close up, because some how that gives you a better idea of it, and then a picture of the food and the baby in the background because I don’t have the time to take food shots and thank gosh my camera is auto focus because I would never have time to focus it on my own.

Have a great weekend!


the baby needs me,