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It’s like I just came back from Narnia, except I still aged.

13 Oct

I have been MIA as of the last two months almost. Being aware that my legion of two fans has hopelessly awaiting my newest post, my newest dump of knowledge onto this internet medium, I have prepared an apology letter. Here it goes;

I’m sorry. I was moving.

Sincerely, Caitlin

Yes yes, I know that does not cover it all, especially in a day and age in which the information highway known as the internet is accessible almost everywhere, at anytime, for any reason. I have a good reason though, I swear! I have put off getting internet at our new home until today. We have iPhones, and therefore were able to access our email and my substance abuse problem, also known as Facebook, and with a house barely put together, and two kids running around needing love and guidance every five minutes, the internet didn’t seem like that big of a deal. So, I hope my best friend Carrie, probably the only person who will read this with anticipation of discovering grammatical errors and the improper use of pronouns, can forgive me.

Now I must repent for my sins, and explain why I even have to repent from them in the first place. I have never moved before. I lived in the same house until I “moved in” with Harold. My clothes were always in the same place, my box of trinkets never moved from the desk, my cook books always in the bookcase with the glass door. Then I “moved in” with Harold during our courtship. By “moved in” I mean spent the nights at his house, went to my dad’s during the day to do my laundry, and pretty much lived out of my 84′ Toyota Camry. Then Harold gave me a drawer in his dresser, then a whole dresser, and finally I was given a key and told to stay there all the time. I didn’t pack boxes, label things, or put things away for storage. So, during the move I was at a loss. I had no clue what to do, or how to do it. Sure, I’d help people move before, but for some reason I’m either carrying boxes, or I’m on child watch duty. Our wonderful family and friends were able to help with the move, and we were able to get out fully in about two months. Yes, that is a long time just to move into a new home, but when you consider that Harold and I both work full-time, we have the kids, and we work completely opposite shifts half the time, it was a fine amount of time.

It’s done now, and I can settle into the new home. It’s our own little cottage on a great part of the island. We have a pond, we have great neighbors, and we have a plum-tree! We have baked cookies and cupcakes, stuffed squash, steaks, elk, and pasta in our new kitchen. We have run around the yard in the sun. We have waved at family and friends from the porch as they depart from a visit. It has already become a home to us, more than our previous rental did. Buying a house was the best choice for us, and we are so thankful for God placing the house before us.

Time to resume island life, and get organized. With Fall in full swing, there is a lot to do. Pumpkins to decorate with glitter, recipes to record, board games to play, and cuddles to give. Kirby is walking now so we have a whole new level of clean to achieve, Daphne is learning more everyday and wrote the word “bear” by herself yesterday, and the new home is ready to be filled with our memories and laughter. I don’t think I could have asked for a better life.

I will now be posting weekly if not more, and hope cultivate a great readership. I can’t wait to share what I know and things I learn about being a young mom, with old-fashioned values, in a world where everyone is moving 100 miles per hour.

Thanks for sticking with it!


Farmers market, buying a house, and bruschetta!

9 Jul

When explaining to my mother-in-law why it is so expensive to put in a new septic system in your home, I said “it’s because no one wants to deal with your shit”.

We have signed and closed on our new house! We are first time buyers, and it was a long laborious process. I can only hope that next time we buy a house it goes smoother and we know what to look at first and what to say when we don’t like how it’s going. All that being said it was a very wonderful process and our realitor was great! I spent last night mopping, gardening, and scrubbing the new house because I do not want someone else dust and grime when we move in. The motivation kept going through this morning when I mowed the lawn at our current house, and I am very thankful. Harold put Kirby in front of the TV with Sesame Street and he was happy in his play pen.

I picked up my friend, and hopefully future sister-in-law-in-law for a day of garage sailing and the farmers market. She got in her necessary baby time and I got to spend time with a real person that I am not married to, poops their pants, or that I am serving at work. We got some great finds such a Wings, a perfume by Gerogio of Beverly Hills that you can’t buy anymore and happens to be my favorite scent ever for summer, cook books, coffee cups, mini loaf pans, and apple shaped plates (for Carrie, I hate apples). At the farmers market I bought some lavender simple syrup for lavender lemonade, lavender mojitos, and lavender butter cream frosting. We stopped at the bakery and I bought some day old baguettes which are perfect perfect perfect for bruschetta, and the island heritage museum and had a great day. It was well worth the taking the baby out and putting him back in the car a zillion times.

Signing for the house at the bank and Harold carrying me across the threshold of the new house. We then had a champagne toast with family. Also, as you can see in this photo I have incredibly long feet and high arches. God blessed me with the fact that I can almost never thrift shoes. I say blessed because I don’t like to stick my feet in peoples foot sweat. Do you?

Kirby was talking on the old time telephone!

Delicious five minute bruschetta. Take the bread and slice it on the diagonal, then put chopped tomatoes that have been tossed in basil and olive oil on the tops, and garnish with cheese! Place under the broiler for about 5 minutes. DELICIOUS! You get the obligitory shot of the food super close up, because some how that gives you a better idea of it, and then a picture of the food and the baby in the background because I don’t have the time to take food shots and thank gosh my camera is auto focus because I would never have time to focus it on my own.

Have a great weekend!


the baby needs me,