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It was not a manic Monday.

7 Jan

It was a seamless Monday. Daphne was a rockstar and did all her homework. The kids ate all their dinner. Everyone got a bath and were in bed by 9:30.


Yet some how I’m not getting to bed until midnight.


Thanks motherhood.


Just A Simple Wednesday

2 Jan

So many things are under way at our home. We are trying to purge our house of things we dont need, so we can finish the basement and build a family room. We have pretty much tied up lose ends forr 2012 and we are looking onward and upward!


I am so glad we hit Zoo Lights the other night. It was spur of the moment and so much fun. The local zoo puts up so many Christmas lights and you get to walk around. Very fun.




It has been a normal day today. We got back to the bump and grind. Back to our usual pace. Early mornings for me, but we still can’t seem to all get out of the house on time. I think there was an air of calm around the house, serenity. That’s the joy of the holiday break I guess.



We ate our BBQ tofu for dinner after basketball practice (I was not inventive tonight), we all took our bathes, we were calm and we were filled with joy. I cherish these nights.

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My deepest apologies on not posting. I’m here to confess that I have a disease, it’s called summeritus.

5 Aug

Mamma Chair!

Holy moley rice and cheese it’s HOT! I think today it managed to get to 90 something degrees. It was humid. I think. Obviously I was never going to be a meteorologist. Regardless, not my favorite. I’m a fall person. I love me some autumn weather. Believe me, I love summer. Both my kids birthdays are in the summer, we go camping, there is roasted pig, family games of horse shoes, frozen yogurt, the works, but I just don’t LOVE it like some people do. Do you want to know why?

When I’m hot, I can only take so much clothing off until I’m arrested.

Plain and simple. I dislike summer so A. You don’t have to experience my public indecency & B. So I stay out of the slammer.

Sweat Peas!

In the midst of staying out of the big house, I have been keeping busy all summer. Camping trips, art camps, town festivals, and best of all potty training Kirby! I know, you gasp. He isn’t even two you say? Well, I have a huge secret; he wants to. Other then encouraging his naked butt to potty when he feels like it, it’s been happening. I have drawn some lucky lottery, in which the win is having a boy, younger then two, be basically potty trained. He still sleeps in a diaper, and wears his huggies and luvs out of the house, but for the most part at home, it’s the big boy undies. When out and about, he tells us he needs to go with a series of grabbing and pointing. It works. We love it. I’m counting my blessings as we speak.

There isn’t much happening on this side of the water other then my babies turning six and two next weekend, and working in a building that I can’t figure out if it’s air conditioned or not.

Dancing in the almost moonlight

Hopefully I’ll keep up the posting, until then, I hope you enjoy the once in a blue yonder posts.


15 Jun

I had a huge post all written out. It explained how I don’t like animal violence in movies, how I am debating becoming a vegetarian, how Harold and I have been married for two years and our kids are growing up so fast, and how I am watching Alien for the first time. Something happened, and now the post is gone. I think that was a good thing. I’m going to start over.

I’ve been doing this a lot lately. I’m trying to get back to myself, to who I am regardless of kids, husband, or work load. I’m trying to enjoy myself not in spite of all that, but along side of all that. I think it’s working, and I’m doing a gosh darn fine job at it too.

Kirby is growing into this amazing little man. When he wants to do something, he does it. It may be crunching chex between his fingers, and that’s alright. I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff. Daphne is going to be in first grade next year, and just watching her at her end of the year school trip to the zoo was amazing. She is becoming this little lady who loves to put outfits together that just emulate how she feels. Are we going to brunch? Then it’s a dress with a little sweater. Will she be running around outside? Boom it’s soft pants that don’t bulk up. Are we going to play with friends? Well that five year old will stick on some nice jeans, a tunic top, and a blazer. I’m impressed everyday with her attitude and tolerance for her little brother taking her toys, and I am so proud to be her bonus mom.

We celebrated our two year anniversary with a night time picnic at the pond that we got married at. We sat on the dock while the kids danced around to John Denver and counted bats in the sky. It was calm, we ate cow tails, we raced with the kids on our backs (I won, and not because Kirby is only about 30 pounds and Daphne is 60, oh no, it was because I’m faster ;P ), and we just enjoyed the calm. I think we forget to enjoy the calm. Harold and I are working on getting our zen on with the calm.

This is my bliss. My perfect morning. Coffee. Cupcakes. Small thoughts that have nothing to do with putting gas in the car or where the missing shoe is. I take it while I can get it, and it’s amazing when it happens.

Kids and Kisses,

My life as of late; I’ve come out of the wardrobe into the real world once more.

10 Jun

I’ve been absent on my blog for a very long time. Life has gotten the best of me. I’m working full time, Daphne has been doing great in kindergarten, and Kirby is becoming more active all the time. I’m trying to juggle housework, kids, work, and Harold, while not losing myself in between. Sadly, I think I might be losing me. Don’t worry though, I’m on my way to getting me back 😀


These are just some recent photos of our lives.

Kirby and Ice Cream
I got bangs!


Not much has been happening. Harold took me to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday, I got bangs (tres chic, no?), and we’ve been working in the yard (pictures to come when we, um, figure out how it’s all going to work), and I’ve been growing my garden. I can’t wait for this summer, that’s for darn tootin’ sure.

Every. Single. Morning. But it’s worth it.

5 Jan

I have a really basic morning routine. It pretty much goes like this:

Open eyes.
Don’t hit snooze on the alarm.
Proceed to role out bed and haphazardly shuffle to the coffee maker.
I then make coffee if I didn’t get it ready the night before.
Take the dog for a quick walk.
Run and get my butt ready to go because I did in fact hit the snooze button, my blazer needs to go through the dryer again because I wrinkled it, and I didn’t put makeup on yet.
Drive to work obeying the speed limits but still making sure that I get there in time.

What’s the moral for this? I need to dictate my time much better then I do.

corprate world Caitlin!

That’s every morning now, and while I don’t have the wonderful morning only shift that I did as a barista, I do have security, returning customers, and confidence that this was a good idea. I don’t have the 4pm crash that I had, and I enjoy not going to bed at 9pm every night.

a regular day

After a whole day of that, I come home to this;

Shadow sleeping
Kirby eating cookies or something idk
Kirby and the Pussy Cats!

And it’s pretty great.

From a working mom to another,