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19 Jan

I have a deep dark secret.

My house is infested.

That’s right, I said it, it is infested. I can’t walk, think, breathe, or cook without seeing one of them. I step on them constantly. They fly at my ankles when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. I know, I know, this is a problem.

In the German language they are called “zug”. In English we call them “trains”.

Yeah, I have a train infestation. I watch that show Infested on Animal Planet and clean my house every Friday evening, and I see these infestations of raccoons, spiders, ants, and I can tell you that our infestation is eerily similar. The trains are everywhere, they hide in my bed while and I swear they bite me while I sleep, as well as scurrying around baseboards and fleeing the scene when the lights are turned on in a room (I think that might be the fact they are still moving across the hardwood when I walk into them, followed by turning on the light, but I can’t be sure). It is terrifying. One of these days I’m going to find one in my plate of spaghetti and just give up the fight. I put them away every night, I clean up their little homes of tracks and stations before I turn in for the night. I swear, I am doing everything short of hiring an exterminator.

I guess it’s part of the magic of having a Little boy. Our whole lives are dictated by the choochoo. Kirby loves his choochoos, it is ridiculously cute.

Well, that’s all I really have to say for the night, as last night I had my wisdom teeth taken out and I am still recovering, and trying to run a household, and let me just tell you, with two extra holes in my head for the time being, our house is not running very smoothly. Kirby seems to have found a bag of gummy bears.


Good Night

3 Jan

This is a short post, because I have the second part of my root canal tomorrow. I had an interesting day, and it will never go down in the record books as being the craziest day ever, but enough happened. Just enough. I’m done for this day, and I’m ready to start tomorrow with a fresh perspective. And sleep. That might be helpful.


Wish me luck on my root canal!

Just A Simple Wednesday

2 Jan

So many things are under way at our home. We are trying to purge our house of things we dont need, so we can finish the basement and build a family room. We have pretty much tied up lose ends forr 2012 and we are looking onward and upward!


I am so glad we hit Zoo Lights the other night. It was spur of the moment and so much fun. The local zoo puts up so many Christmas lights and you get to walk around. Very fun.




It has been a normal day today. We got back to the bump and grind. Back to our usual pace. Early mornings for me, but we still can’t seem to all get out of the house on time. I think there was an air of calm around the house, serenity. That’s the joy of the holiday break I guess.



We ate our BBQ tofu for dinner after basketball practice (I was not inventive tonight), we all took our bathes, we were calm and we were filled with joy. I cherish these nights.

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This Ear Is No Fun

14 Aug

I’m giving up. I’m throwing in the towel. There are dishes in the sink that need to be put in the dish washer. There is a basket or two or three of laundry that needs to be folded, but I’m done. I need to rest. I need to sleep. I need to regain the ability to swallow. So many things ache and burn, so I drank broth for dinner.

This week I am spending extra time with my fathers dogs, that used to be my dogs, but have become his dogs.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This is Riley. He is huge. And thick. And pulls me down the road like a rag doll. I am no where as strong as my father.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

This is on my fathers book shelf. I love it! That’s my sister and I in his custom hot rod, and he is in the background. Can you see? Love!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

And these are the flowers that Harold bought me for giving birth to our son. I love my husband to bits.

I didn’t want to break my posting streak, so this has been posted from my bed of sickness from my phone.

Off to the Land of Nod,

Two Is Always Better Then One, Unless It’s An Ear Infection

13 Aug

I am guilty of the biggest mom faux pas of them all, I take care of myself LAST. Even if I am taking care of the dog, the plants, the kids, the husband, the internet problem, I always seem to put myself last. Thank gosh it has finally manifested itself, in a crippling horrible double ear infection.

A doctors appointment was made for me today by a very caring someone because she noticed that I was still getting bugged by my ears. Now, I have always been bugged by my ears. They itch, they get cloudy, they HURT, they are just annoying. I assumed that everyone’s ears were like that, and it was the reason that they had q-tips. Apparently, this isn’t the case. My amazing new doctor alerted me to the fact that I have an ear infection in both my ear canals, and that it has probably lasted years and no one has ever really looked. It’s bad, it hurts, it explains A LOT. It is the answer as to why I have been nauseous all the time, why I’ve had incredible chills, and lastly probably why I can’t hear at all. Now I have ear drops, they are already helping. I’m thinking on the bright side, and I’m never letting myself go this far down the hole without saying something to someone, including my sweet wonderful husband.


But in the mean time, we enjoy picnics on the beach.


Throwing rocks in the water with Dad on his lunch break.


Sunsets and new perspectives (I’m a giant!)


And never missing a beat on the family photos.


It’s an early bed time for this mom, because oh good gosh golly I need to get better, soon.

A Typical Funday Monday

7 Aug

It was a typical Monday, and boy do I sure love me a good Monday.

I see Monday as a very important day. A day that’s full of positive choices, extra coffee, at least once balanced meal, and some serious kid centric cuddles. No matter how hectic my Monday is, we all finish it off at Miss Robyn’s house. Robyn is a very special kind of friend. She is the friend who’s kids are the same age as your kids, isn’t afraid to tell you that your yeast is dead and that it’s why your break sucks, and looks at me with an ever so lovely gaze of contentment when I ask her if I have to buy earth worms for my garden or if they come with my soil.

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I just really love Mondays. Even though I’m pretty sure my dog at some cashews, and they really don’t sit with her stomach well, and I just finished washing her at 12:30 in the morning because the smell…oh god the smell. Sometimes I love my dog more then sleep. She falls into a similar category as my kids, except Shadow has to sleep in her own bed even if she has a nightmare.

Well, that’s not exactly true. She’s about 7 pounds, and things in the 7 pound and under weight are always approved for nightmare ailing cuddles.

I wish they also made doggie breath mints.

My deepest apologies on not posting. I’m here to confess that I have a disease, it’s called summeritus.

5 Aug

Mamma Chair!

Holy moley rice and cheese it’s HOT! I think today it managed to get to 90 something degrees. It was humid. I think. Obviously I was never going to be a meteorologist. Regardless, not my favorite. I’m a fall person. I love me some autumn weather. Believe me, I love summer. Both my kids birthdays are in the summer, we go camping, there is roasted pig, family games of horse shoes, frozen yogurt, the works, but I just don’t LOVE it like some people do. Do you want to know why?

When I’m hot, I can only take so much clothing off until I’m arrested.

Plain and simple. I dislike summer so A. You don’t have to experience my public indecency & B. So I stay out of the slammer.

Sweat Peas!

In the midst of staying out of the big house, I have been keeping busy all summer. Camping trips, art camps, town festivals, and best of all potty training Kirby! I know, you gasp. He isn’t even two you say? Well, I have a huge secret; he wants to. Other then encouraging his naked butt to potty when he feels like it, it’s been happening. I have drawn some lucky lottery, in which the win is having a boy, younger then two, be basically potty trained. He still sleeps in a diaper, and wears his huggies and luvs out of the house, but for the most part at home, it’s the big boy undies. When out and about, he tells us he needs to go with a series of grabbing and pointing. It works. We love it. I’m counting my blessings as we speak.

There isn’t much happening on this side of the water other then my babies turning six and two next weekend, and working in a building that I can’t figure out if it’s air conditioned or not.

Dancing in the almost moonlight

Hopefully I’ll keep up the posting, until then, I hope you enjoy the once in a blue yonder posts.