Just A Simple Wednesday

2 Jan

So many things are under way at our home. We are trying to purge our house of things we dont need, so we can finish the basement and build a family room. We have pretty much tied up lose ends forr 2012 and we are looking onward and upward!


I am so glad we hit Zoo Lights the other night. It was spur of the moment and so much fun. The local zoo puts up so many Christmas lights and you get to walk around. Very fun.




It has been a normal day today. We got back to the bump and grind. Back to our usual pace. Early mornings for me, but we still can’t seem to all get out of the house on time. I think there was an air of calm around the house, serenity. That’s the joy of the holiday break I guess.



We ate our BBQ tofu for dinner after basketball practice (I was not inventive tonight), we all took our bathes, we were calm and we were filled with joy. I cherish these nights.

Also, please change my URL in your favorites to http://www.caitlinlittle.com
We have been having issues with the mobile site though, so bare with us.

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