Oh us? We just spent this last week being AWESOME (I have no catchy title for this post)

30 Aug


We are wrapping up summer. The leaves are starting to fall, there is a quaint chill in the morning air, and I wore a sweater to take Daphne to her first grade meet and great (oh, do you see what I did there?).


On Tuesday, we took an amazing day trip to see my paternal grandparents. They are these amazing people, and although I’m pretty sure my grandfather will never give me his beautiful corvette, I love him just the same. My grandmother made potato salad, and I about died, it was that good.


It seems our unofficial theme for the summer was thankful. We were thankful for each other, our strengths, or weaknesses were supported, our accomplishments were celebrated.


We took lots of family time, and just enjoyed the good weather. Did we get enough stuff done around the house yet? Probably not, but there is always time for that I think. There is always time to fold laundry, but only one summer when Daphne is almost 6 and Kirby is almost 2.


If you can’t tell from our photos, we went to the zoo this week.


We are really looking forward to this upcoming school year. Daphne is so excited, and we spend evenings talking about all the things she wants to happen this year. “Mom, I can’t wait to see my friends” and “Mom, I can play on the big playground now! I’m a big girl!” are the sweetest things to hear. When she opens her big brown eyes and looks at me with so much excitement and confidence, it makes me just cherish her even more. She is going to do so many amazing things, and I don’t know if I can really grasp that yet.


I’m glad I took a vacation week. It was so worth it. Staycation. And tomorrow? A dentist appointment, because everyone wants someone to hang out in their mouth for like an hour…


Clean teeth and caramel rum cake,


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