Two Is Always Better Then One, Unless It’s An Ear Infection

13 Aug

I am guilty of the biggest mom faux pas of them all, I take care of myself LAST. Even if I am taking care of the dog, the plants, the kids, the husband, the internet problem, I always seem to put myself last. Thank gosh it has finally manifested itself, in a crippling horrible double ear infection.

A doctors appointment was made for me today by a very caring someone because she noticed that I was still getting bugged by my ears. Now, I have always been bugged by my ears. They itch, they get cloudy, they HURT, they are just annoying. I assumed that everyone’s ears were like that, and it was the reason that they had q-tips. Apparently, this isn’t the case. My amazing new doctor alerted me to the fact that I have an ear infection in both my ear canals, and that it has probably lasted years and no one has ever really looked. It’s bad, it hurts, it explains A LOT. It is the answer as to why I have been nauseous all the time, why I’ve had incredible chills, and lastly probably why I can’t hear at all. Now I have ear drops, they are already helping. I’m thinking on the bright side, and I’m never letting myself go this far down the hole without saying something to someone, including my sweet wonderful husband.


But in the mean time, we enjoy picnics on the beach.


Throwing rocks in the water with Dad on his lunch break.


Sunsets and new perspectives (I’m a giant!)


And never missing a beat on the family photos.


It’s an early bed time for this mom, because oh good gosh golly I need to get better, soon.


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