My dad is awesome, just saying…

17 Jun

Today is Father’s day! I was very lucky growing up that my dad was my rock, and the one man that would always be there for me. Harold is the same for our kids, and I see so many of the qualities that I love in my father in him. He wants to provide the best he can, the pride, and the unconditional love. I loved growing up that my dad always involved my sister and I in his daily chores, he taught us how to wash a car appropriately (start at the top and save the tires for last!), how to build a scale model car and follow directions appropriately, and how to calculate damage when a level 5 Owl bear attacks your level 3 cleric during a routine check out of the wooded area that your clan has stopped the night in. My dad taught me a whole lot of things, and I am grateful. Daphne and Kirby get to make the same memories with my dad, and he gets to go through all the fun of being a father all over again. Harold gets to make his own versions of these memories with the kids, and I love how he teaches them new and fun things all the time. He is a great father, and I love seeing how he is with each child, being calm and smothering Daphne with love when she finishes a hard piece of homework, and excited and letting Kirby explore when they are outside and exploring. I love every second of it, and I don’t think there is a way for me to describe how much I love all the dads in my life. They are all the bees knees if I do say so myself.



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