15 Jun

I had a huge post all written out. It explained how I don’t like animal violence in movies, how I am debating becoming a vegetarian, how Harold and I have been married for two years and our kids are growing up so fast, and how I am watching Alien for the first time. Something happened, and now the post is gone. I think that was a good thing. I’m going to start over.

I’ve been doing this a lot lately. I’m trying to get back to myself, to who I am regardless of kids, husband, or work load. I’m trying to enjoy myself not in spite of all that, but along side of all that. I think it’s working, and I’m doing a gosh darn fine job at it too.

Kirby is growing into this amazing little man. When he wants to do something, he does it. It may be crunching chex between his fingers, and that’s alright. I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff. Daphne is going to be in first grade next year, and just watching her at her end of the year school trip to the zoo was amazing. She is becoming this little lady who loves to put outfits together that just emulate how she feels. Are we going to brunch? Then it’s a dress with a little sweater. Will she be running around outside? Boom it’s soft pants that don’t bulk up. Are we going to play with friends? Well that five year old will stick on some nice jeans, a tunic top, and a blazer. I’m impressed everyday with her attitude and tolerance for her little brother taking her toys, and I am so proud to be her bonus mom.

We celebrated our two year anniversary with a night time picnic at the pond that we got married at. We sat on the dock while the kids danced around to John Denver and counted bats in the sky. It was calm, we ate cow tails, we raced with the kids on our backs (I won, and not because Kirby is only about 30 pounds and Daphne is 60, oh no, it was because I’m faster ;P ), and we just enjoyed the calm. I think we forget to enjoy the calm. Harold and I are working on getting our zen on with the calm.

This is my bliss. My perfect morning. Coffee. Cupcakes. Small thoughts that have nothing to do with putting gas in the car or where the missing shoe is. I take it while I can get it, and it’s amazing when it happens.

Kids and Kisses,

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