Simple. Safe. Delicious.

10 Jun

I am blessed on Sundays. On Sundays, I pack up Kirby and we go spend the evening with our friend Brady and Robyn, and their five kids. Other friends join us for a supper that normally has a theme, and we dine and catch up. Karen and Robyn talk about horses, and I politely excuse myself to the outside to check on the kids, because I know nothing about horses. Of course, I am PRO Pony, but I know nothing. My friends love them, and I love my friends. So I guess, in a way, I love horses? It’s like six degrees from Kevin Bacon, but it’s more like six degrees from horses.

One of the magical things that happens on Sundays is that I get to watch Kirby and Alayna play. They are a week apart, with Alayna being a week older (she is such a cougar), and born in the same hospital.


We finished it off with Pina Colada Bundt cake. It was amazing. I already knew I would like it as soon as Robyn said she was making it, I mean seriously, I already like getting caught in the rain. I’m not so big on waking up at midnight though, and dunes are a hit or miss in my book (sand can really get everywhere), but I am still in favor of Pina Colada anything.

Happy Sunday!

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