My life as of late; I’ve come out of the wardrobe into the real world once more.

10 Jun

I’ve been absent on my blog for a very long time. Life has gotten the best of me. I’m working full time, Daphne has been doing great in kindergarten, and Kirby is becoming more active all the time. I’m trying to juggle housework, kids, work, and Harold, while not losing myself in between. Sadly, I think I might be losing me. Don’t worry though, I’m on my way to getting me back 😀


These are just some recent photos of our lives.

Kirby and Ice Cream
I got bangs!


Not much has been happening. Harold took me to Las Vegas to celebrate my 21st birthday, I got bangs (tres chic, no?), and we’ve been working in the yard (pictures to come when we, um, figure out how it’s all going to work), and I’ve been growing my garden. I can’t wait for this summer, that’s for darn tootin’ sure.

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