My nails are called Amethyst Shell, but I’m pretty sure it’s just pink, and other wonderful relazations from today.

7 Jan

I was really blessed this past week, and it is one of the things I am trying to realize more. It’s odd how I can see what God has done for me, and I grasp the concept of it, but I don’t sit down and really say anything out loud. I’m going to start saying it out loud.

Yesterday, my best friend took me out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant here on the island. I got a sitter for Kirby, and we enjoyed a wonderful meal and fun enthralling conversation. We gabbed about how our lives are going, talked about how we want our lives to go in the near future, and just shot at the breeze. One of the many super special things I love about Carrie is that we may go to a nice restaurant, but when I confess that I really want to order their house burger, she laughs and says she really wanted the chicken strips as well, and she was feeling odd saying it out loud too. These are the things that make our relationship special. We think similarly in many aspects, and it just works. Like cookies and cream, or jam and cheese on a sandwich. Pure cosmic stellar lady soul mates.

Today, Harold, Kirby, and I, spent part of our day at Harold’s sister’s house, for a going away party for Jeff. Jeff is Harold’s nieces husband. He is going into the Armed Forces, and is doing such an amazing thing for his family. We are going to miss him so much, and wish him all the best because he is such a great husband and father, and it’s going to be a shame to not be in contact with him for some time. Our family is very tight knit, we are all aware of whats going on in each others lives, and I have never been part of such a big family that always wants the best for one another. Family events like this, albeit even though this one in particular had a very interesting feel, always show me how blessed we all are to have one another.

Harold has his sisters and brothers, and now all our kids have us, and their cousins. It’s wonderful and amazing to know that the love and support that his mother has taught all her kids continues on in their children, and their children’s children.

I always remember Genesis 2:22 at times like this;
And from the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

I was made from Harold, for Harold, so I could be a part of this amazing loving family. And when I see all the relationships building with the kids, with all of them becoming closer to each other, I get so happy inside, because I am being folded into the fabric of their tribe.

Liam and Kirby, 10 months and 16 months
Liam, Jeff and Amanda’s son, and Kirby, playing to their hearts content. They will always be in each others lives, and their relationship will be amazing regardless how far away they live from one another.

I’m going to look fondly on today, because it really was special.

The ever busy mom,


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