2011, a year that was AMAZING!

1 Jan

I always look on the bright side. I believe that God has a plan for us all and we all just need to hold tight, go for the ride, and take the appropriate off ramps. Our household has had an amazing year, albeit a busy one. I started my blog during a time that we had a lot going on, and due to that, I have been unable to post as much as I have wanted. I have all these ideas and wonderful things spinning around in my head, but often I am unable to get them onto the paper.

2012 is going to be a great year. There are so many things I want to do and be a part of, experience and get done. I put a lot of time in my yearly goal list, and this year it’s 21 Goals for 2012. I’m excited to get it done and hanging on my wall. In the meantime, here is a quick recap of my year.

We started the year off with a visit from my sister. We celebrated her 21st birthday, had some laughs, and she dressed up as Elton John and we took some pictures. It was her first time meeting Kirby, and it was so fun.

In February we embraced the cold weather and played in the snow, and had a really great Valentines day as a family.

March was great. Kirby really started to come into his own, and we spent many days cuddled by the fire.

In April, Harold’s side of the family threw me a surprise baby shower, I turned 20, we went to our first Mariners game with Kirby, and I got a new camera, and I got a new job as a barista. Our niece and nephew welcomed their son, Liam, who is such an amazing little guy. We also looked at a house that we later closed on in July!

May rolled around, and my father and I took Kirby down to visit the paternal great grandparents for the first time. He got to see his first waterfall (Maltnoma Falls down in Oregon), and go on his first mini road trip (four hours). It was such a fun trip and we made so many memories. My paternal grandparents are so important to me, and are the best model for a perfect marriage. Just thinking about them makes me misty eyed. They are true soul mates.

In June I threw Harold a 32nd birthday party! We had a great time getting things in order for the Summer and learning about the home buying process. We also celebrated our first full year of marriage by going to Wild Waves!

July happened so fast, and it was so fun. We bought a new car, went to Eastern Washington for a weekend for one of the many family pig feeds, closed on our first home, and had a great time at our local town festival. If I could relive this month over and over again, I would.

In August, Daphne turned 5, and Kirby turned 1! We started the move into the new house, and it was a great month of growth and accomplishments.

Holy moly September! Daphne had her first day of kindergarten, and we got completely out of the old house. We went to a fair, watched children ride sheep, and Daphne got to ride a camel. It was amazing!

It should have been called Craft-tober! I made the Halloween costumes for Harold, Kirby, and I, and Daphne’s mom made Daphne’s dino costume. I took a day trip to Salem to visit my best friend and celebrate her birthday. It was full of new great things.

In November, we really started getting our house just how we like it. We went to my paternal grandparents house for Thanksgiving, and it was so fun! Kirby and I also braved Black Friday with Harold. It was a successful mess!

We ended the year in style. We chopped down our tree together, had so many Christmas celebrations, adopted Shadow, and I started my new career. It was so fun and great. A wonderful way to end the year. Harold and I brought in the New Year together, and nothing could be better. I also learned that sometimes my car radio and heater make a KATHUD and I’m stuck at the temperature and radio channel that I was currently on. This was great for Christmas music though, it was always the holidays in the sable! Then as soon as Christmas was past, it fixed itself.

Now it’s back to my gansta rap while I drive to work to get me pumped up for an amazing and busy day… Can I expect this every holiday season?

I can’t wait for what 2012 has in store for us, and I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing!

Making lists and breaking hearts,



One Response to “2011, a year that was AMAZING!”

  1. Carrie January 6, 2012 at 3:28 am #

    I love this! I can’t believe how much has happened in the past year, but it sure has been amazing 😀 I love you my bestie, and seeing you so happy with your family and life just makes my heart go all giddy and thumpity thump ❤

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