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I’m counting these Reese’s Cups as my dinner.

21 Jan


I’ve been thinking a lot about variables, constants, hypothesis, and what we can’t control vs what I wish in my heart of hearts I could control. I wish I could control Daphne’s tears during a surprise dive into darkness that only a power outage brings. I know I can’t control the weather, but I wish it wouldn’t snow so much, so quickly. Here in Washington, it creates this dense, crisp, ice sheet. Some might say I’m a curmudgeon, a fuddy dutty when it comes to snow. I don’t like being cold, I don’t like when my kids are uncomfortable in the cold, and I don’t like when I can’t go anywhere and do anything in the cold. We have recycle to take to the recycle center, clothes to take to the thrift store, and things to put away. But what I can change, what I can rely on as the ever changing variable, but also the amazingly strong constant, is myself.


The longer then normal snow coverage brought on some great things. Getting projects done at work, thinking about investments with Harold, and getting things done at home that needed to get done. I did so much laundry, in fear of losing power, I kept the kitchen almost clean, and we moved some stuff around on the porch. The biggest thing we did was moving around our living room. Harold and I seldom have days where we are stuck in the house. We normally get outside chores done, but when there is 5″ of snow in an area that doesn’t understand snow, it is helpful. We built a shelf out of vintage skis above our window, and put the television on it. We moved the couch from against one wall, to across from the bay window. It creates a hallway into the rest of the house, and by rest of the house I mean two bedrooms and bathroom/laundry room. Yes I know, our spacious mansion knows no end 😉 . We moved the dinning room table next to the window, so it is under the tv. It eliminates the I’m sitting at the table but my eyes are glued to the tv problem. I have found that we are in fact, starting to have this problem with our girl. The I see that we have a tv so I’m just going to watch it all the time regardless of what I’m doing problem. For the record, Harold and I do not support this, and we are the only ones who have the remotes. It happens though. We can’t control what happens on the weekends, and playing outside makes no sense when you can’t feel your own hands, it’s wetter then King Tritans tale, or when it’s 7am and someone is still on South American time. The weather has been good for us though. We got so much done, and are so happy with it all. It was a WE thing, because neither of us could have gotten it done on our own.


I’ve had a hard time writing lately. I don’t know what I should share and what I shouldn’t. I find that the line is a bit different for a mother who doesn’t want to broadcast the complete lives of her kids on the internet, when you are a step mom and understand that certain things are up to the birth mother and not yourself when it comes to the little girl you call your own, and when you have a job that you can’t share everything in the world about. There are so many things that come into my mind during the day, but I don’t have the confidence to post them, I don’t have the desire to tell more people then normal about the gross things or cute things that my kids did, or talk about my childs poop. I have a desire to express my joys and shames, in a way that doesn’t make people point fingers and name names, to bring it up int the grocery store later. The internet makes the world a more complicated place, but I believe that God has a plan for us all, and for me, part of that plan is to share my experiences of being a 20 year old wife, mother, and daughter of God.


My new job has brought on so many challenges. Broadening my spectrum of operations, bending my mind around logic and concepts that I haven’t used since school, and bringing on a new form of organization. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and I will for a very long time. I come home, I relax with the family after a hard day, and I am content. The computer at work always stays the same, and I can grow and adapt to learn from it. It’s an amazing feeling, knowing that I am the variable, but I am also in control of myself. These things bring me happiness.


There is a chance that I should clean my kitchen, and work on the ever increasing pile of dishes that I have deemed the Mt Kilimanjaro of my sink, but to be perfectly honest, I’m content with my vacuumed and rearranged living room.


My nails are called Amethyst Shell, but I’m pretty sure it’s just pink, and other wonderful relazations from today.

7 Jan

I was really blessed this past week, and it is one of the things I am trying to realize more. It’s odd how I can see what God has done for me, and I grasp the concept of it, but I don’t sit down and really say anything out loud. I’m going to start saying it out loud.

Yesterday, my best friend took me out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant here on the island. I got a sitter for Kirby, and we enjoyed a wonderful meal and fun enthralling conversation. We gabbed about how our lives are going, talked about how we want our lives to go in the near future, and just shot at the breeze. One of the many super special things I love about Carrie is that we may go to a nice restaurant, but when I confess that I really want to order their house burger, she laughs and says she really wanted the chicken strips as well, and she was feeling odd saying it out loud too. These are the things that make our relationship special. We think similarly in many aspects, and it just works. Like cookies and cream, or jam and cheese on a sandwich. Pure cosmic stellar lady soul mates.

Today, Harold, Kirby, and I, spent part of our day at Harold’s sister’s house, for a going away party for Jeff. Jeff is Harold’s nieces husband. He is going into the Armed Forces, and is doing such an amazing thing for his family. We are going to miss him so much, and wish him all the best because he is such a great husband and father, and it’s going to be a shame to not be in contact with him for some time. Our family is very tight knit, we are all aware of whats going on in each others lives, and I have never been part of such a big family that always wants the best for one another. Family events like this, albeit even though this one in particular had a very interesting feel, always show me how blessed we all are to have one another.

Harold has his sisters and brothers, and now all our kids have us, and their cousins. It’s wonderful and amazing to know that the love and support that his mother has taught all her kids continues on in their children, and their children’s children.

I always remember Genesis 2:22 at times like this;
And from the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

I was made from Harold, for Harold, so I could be a part of this amazing loving family. And when I see all the relationships building with the kids, with all of them becoming closer to each other, I get so happy inside, because I am being folded into the fabric of their tribe.

Liam and Kirby, 10 months and 16 months
Liam, Jeff and Amanda’s son, and Kirby, playing to their hearts content. They will always be in each others lives, and their relationship will be amazing regardless how far away they live from one another.

I’m going to look fondly on today, because it really was special.

The ever busy mom,

Every. Single. Morning. But it’s worth it.

5 Jan

I have a really basic morning routine. It pretty much goes like this:

Open eyes.
Don’t hit snooze on the alarm.
Proceed to role out bed and haphazardly shuffle to the coffee maker.
I then make coffee if I didn’t get it ready the night before.
Take the dog for a quick walk.
Run and get my butt ready to go because I did in fact hit the snooze button, my blazer needs to go through the dryer again because I wrinkled it, and I didn’t put makeup on yet.
Drive to work obeying the speed limits but still making sure that I get there in time.

What’s the moral for this? I need to dictate my time much better then I do.

corprate world Caitlin!

That’s every morning now, and while I don’t have the wonderful morning only shift that I did as a barista, I do have security, returning customers, and confidence that this was a good idea. I don’t have the 4pm crash that I had, and I enjoy not going to bed at 9pm every night.

a regular day

After a whole day of that, I come home to this;

Shadow sleeping
Kirby eating cookies or something idk
Kirby and the Pussy Cats!

And it’s pretty great.

From a working mom to another,

2011, a year that was AMAZING!

1 Jan

I always look on the bright side. I believe that God has a plan for us all and we all just need to hold tight, go for the ride, and take the appropriate off ramps. Our household has had an amazing year, albeit a busy one. I started my blog during a time that we had a lot going on, and due to that, I have been unable to post as much as I have wanted. I have all these ideas and wonderful things spinning around in my head, but often I am unable to get them onto the paper.

2012 is going to be a great year. There are so many things I want to do and be a part of, experience and get done. I put a lot of time in my yearly goal list, and this year it’s 21 Goals for 2012. I’m excited to get it done and hanging on my wall. In the meantime, here is a quick recap of my year.

We started the year off with a visit from my sister. We celebrated her 21st birthday, had some laughs, and she dressed up as Elton John and we took some pictures. It was her first time meeting Kirby, and it was so fun.

In February we embraced the cold weather and played in the snow, and had a really great Valentines day as a family.

March was great. Kirby really started to come into his own, and we spent many days cuddled by the fire.

In April, Harold’s side of the family threw me a surprise baby shower, I turned 20, we went to our first Mariners game with Kirby, and I got a new camera, and I got a new job as a barista. Our niece and nephew welcomed their son, Liam, who is such an amazing little guy. We also looked at a house that we later closed on in July!

May rolled around, and my father and I took Kirby down to visit the paternal great grandparents for the first time. He got to see his first waterfall (Maltnoma Falls down in Oregon), and go on his first mini road trip (four hours). It was such a fun trip and we made so many memories. My paternal grandparents are so important to me, and are the best model for a perfect marriage. Just thinking about them makes me misty eyed. They are true soul mates.

In June I threw Harold a 32nd birthday party! We had a great time getting things in order for the Summer and learning about the home buying process. We also celebrated our first full year of marriage by going to Wild Waves!

July happened so fast, and it was so fun. We bought a new car, went to Eastern Washington for a weekend for one of the many family pig feeds, closed on our first home, and had a great time at our local town festival. If I could relive this month over and over again, I would.

In August, Daphne turned 5, and Kirby turned 1! We started the move into the new house, and it was a great month of growth and accomplishments.

Holy moly September! Daphne had her first day of kindergarten, and we got completely out of the old house. We went to a fair, watched children ride sheep, and Daphne got to ride a camel. It was amazing!

It should have been called Craft-tober! I made the Halloween costumes for Harold, Kirby, and I, and Daphne’s mom made Daphne’s dino costume. I took a day trip to Salem to visit my best friend and celebrate her birthday. It was full of new great things.

In November, we really started getting our house just how we like it. We went to my paternal grandparents house for Thanksgiving, and it was so fun! Kirby and I also braved Black Friday with Harold. It was a successful mess!

We ended the year in style. We chopped down our tree together, had so many Christmas celebrations, adopted Shadow, and I started my new career. It was so fun and great. A wonderful way to end the year. Harold and I brought in the New Year together, and nothing could be better. I also learned that sometimes my car radio and heater make a KATHUD and I’m stuck at the temperature and radio channel that I was currently on. This was great for Christmas music though, it was always the holidays in the sable! Then as soon as Christmas was past, it fixed itself.

Now it’s back to my gansta rap while I drive to work to get me pumped up for an amazing and busy day… Can I expect this every holiday season?

I can’t wait for what 2012 has in store for us, and I’m sure it will be nothing short of amazing!

Making lists and breaking hearts,