Apparently I wasn’t too busy for cupcakes tonight! Go figure!

19 Nov

I’ve been on a post hiatus. Oh yes, I hear you say “How can you be on a post hiatus if you never post in the first place?” and to that I say “HA!” and then run away because I really don’t have a rebuttal for that. So, tonight I worked on something extra special. A recipe!

A recipe you say? Well that’s really putting ones self out there Caitlin. I can’t believe that you have the courage to put something so wonderful and special and part of you out on the internet! I’ve worked very hard on this one. Mulling it over in my head for the last week. Will it work? How much time will I need? Can I take pictures that actually show you but not bore you? I’m going to assume that I failed at at least one of those, but I’m okay with that. In the mean time, here is the recipe!

This started because I love cupcakes. Yes I know that everyone loves cupcakes, and everyone likes to put their own spin on it, but I just like cupcakes. They are easy to eat on the go and I can pack them in my husbands lunch. Now, my sister’s favorite pie is pumpkin pie, and my husband is more of a pie man himself. He will eat cake though, I’m lucky that he doesn’t hate cake, just loves pie. I am surprisingly not a huge pumpkin pie person. I like it plenty but it gets to a point that I’m texturally bored and I just want something else. So, this is what I made.


First, I made the pumpkin pie filling off the directions on the back of the Libby brand can of puree of pumpkin. I didn’t have cloves though, so I tossed in some nutmeg. I love nutmeg.


Then I made a box of Duncan Hines yellow butter cake or some whatever. Except I wanted something with more fluff, because I didn’t want it as dense as most boxed cakes are. I added two teaspoons of meringue powder when I creamed the butter and sugar together. It made it stiffer and very fluffy. I love it!


I scooped the cake batter into pre prepared muffin tins, and the topped it with the pie filling.


Now, the time and temperature for cooking the pie and the cake are totally different. I took a gamble and cooked them at the temp and time for the cupcakes. It worked great! Kirby loves to watch things bake. Maybe he will take after his mom! I wish, considering Harold can’t cook a sandwich with the same flare and magic that I can.


The pie filling sunk to the bottom and the cake rose to the top, but it made it so the pie filling didn’t soak through the liner. I was very thankful for this. I also did it the other way where I put the pie filling on the bottom and those cupcakes are very hard to handle.


Then I made the best frosting ever, but with eggnog! It’s your basic stove top butter cream. Take five tablespoons flour and put it in a sauce pan with one cup whole milk (I used eggnog), and whisk until smooth. Turn the heat on to medium and keep stirring until the mixture gets very thick. Whisk in one teaspoon vanilla extract. Then I threw in some more nutmeg (mmmmmmm nutmeg) and mixed it around till you can barely move the whisk. Then I transferred it to another bowl because I’m impatient and you need it completely cool for the next step. Cream one cup room temperature butter with one cup sugar and when the flour eggnog mixture is cool (completely cool or you will RUIN your frosting) cream them all together. I used my Oster hand stick blender thing for all this because I didn’t clean my mixter yet. Blend until fluffy like whip cream. Then I piped it onto my cupcakes using my piping gun and sprinkled some nutmeg on them.


These cupcakes are amazing. They are so rich and smooth but fun and exciting. Harold likes to eat his upside down, and Kirby just likes to shove them in his mouth.

Tomorrow I am going to my town’s Holiday Bazaar, and I will probably catch the crafting bug there. I loved making these cupcakes and I can’t wait to do more recipes and share them. Stay tuned!


Happy weekend moms!


2 Responses to “Apparently I wasn’t too busy for cupcakes tonight! Go figure!”

  1. Carrie Renee Chunn November 19, 2011 at 2:34 am #

    Save me one?!? Or you can just make me some when I get home next week 😉 ❤ They're beautiful! I always love reading your posts 🙂

  2. Joan November 19, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    Sounds delicious…BTW, Harold doesn’t have any trouble polishing off a couple of my own homemade Hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting either! I keep them in the freezer and almost always have frosting in my fridge.
    Kirby is bound to have your cooking gene, Jason is a great cook! Basic as I am,he learned so much by watching and helping. Makes his own whole wheat pizza dough and scratch waffles! Enjoy these years as much as I did, it is with great joy that I read your adventures! Thank you Caitlin!

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