A menagerie, sequins, and early mornings; the signs of an enthusiastic mother

8 Nov

Autumn is in full swing. The maples are golden oranges and crisp yellows, the chill in the air takes the breath right out of you, and there is always an extra scarf in the car. This month, everyone is thankful for things, new things, old things, superficial things, and deep meaningful things. I am thankful for October ending on a high note, for a little girl who would willingly give me her candy for a batch of monster cookies, and adoptive family that have your best interests at heart and want you to succeed in the real world.

Here is a recap of our October.

When I look at this the song from Saturday Night Fever plays in my head.

My little Halloween mouse!

The obligatory picture of babies in costumes.

The menagerie.

We are lucky enough to have a town that closes the streets and opens their doors on Halloween, making a fun and safe evening for all who participate. Sadly, this meant that we got no trick or treaters at our place, but I’m okay with that. More candy for me!

One of the reasons I love this time of year is it’s party dress time. I try to buy one fun party dress to last me through New Years. With fun holiday parties and going to the Nutcracker, it’s always a fun time to dress up. I like to look at dresses that are fun, sparkly, and can be paired with different accessories to mix it up. If I’m buying one dress to get me through three holidays and at least five functions, it needs to be versatile. If I can pair it with different blazers, tights, and a scarves, then I’m happy, especially if I already own the accessories. Here are the front runners for this year;


This is the front runner. I love the small circle sequins, almost like fish scales, and the gold is divine. I love gold. I’m a gold person.


This is fully lined, and would work for different things besides holiday parties. I love the sleeve length and the lace detail.


I love this, and it borders on ice skater ish because of the mesh top, but the sweetheart neckline is great. One of the things I dislike is that I’d need a sweater with it, and I’m not a big silver person. I’m a rosey gold person. I do love it though, very 50’s cocktail party.

Maybe I should think about which dress would be easier to bend over in and not shame myself…hmmm

Happy Tuesday!


One Response to “A menagerie, sequins, and early mornings; the signs of an enthusiastic mother”

  1. Joan November 8, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    Great photos as always, we look forward to hearing all the latest. Once again great job and thanks for sharing, Joan

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