Cinderella should have had a roomba.

19 Oct

Anyone who has kids knows that there is always something to do. Something to clean, something to color, something to spell, or something to kiss and make better. As mom’s we are the booboo patrol, the drivers of the whambulance, the scullery maid, the executive chef, and the queens of the castle. This weekend, I was all that and more, I was the plumber.


I’m not the first one to raise my hand when someone needs help with power tools or building things. I simply do not know how to use most power tools and therefore become more of a burden. Alas, it is the 21st century, and women are strong and independent. I wanted a new shower head. The one that was in our shower was basic, very ho-hum. There was nothing exciting or note worthy about it. It worked though, so there was no huge rush to put in a new one. Harold likes the standard high pressure shower head, while I had dreams of luxurious showers in the amazon rainforest, where I would bathe under water falls and listen to the birds cuckoo their tropical symphony. While at home depot, we came across the bathroom aisle and found a great DOUBLE shower head at a reasonable price. Is it my amazon rainforest waterfall shower head? Not exactly, but it does have a nice cover all downpour rain effect that I like very much. We bought it, and it was my job to install it.

Now, I have installed shower heads before, but nothing with this many parts. There was the tube, the two shower heads, the rotating knobby thing. I thought I lost a washer, I couldn’t get the original shower head off, I had to learn to use a expandable crescent wrench, and I googled how to get it unstuck. I even slipped while putting parts of the new one on because no where on the package did it say “WARNING: Do not install while standing on the edges of your tube in wedge boots, and please for the love of all that is good don’t stand in a wet tub because you will slip and possibly die”. It was done though, I did it. I am proud and excited, and every time I take a shower I think of how exciting it was to do by myself, and how I didn’t break anything, only bruised my hip.

Secondly this weekend, I cleaned. I did more than my normal weekend cleaning, I deep cleaned. I broke out the mop, I moved all the furniture to the porch, I polished the cabinets and doors with orange oil, I folded clothes. It was hectic. Yesterday, after everything was said and done and we were already mid way through the week, I discovered the roomba. Now, I was always the person to make fun of the stupid things. It’s a vacuum, a robot vacuum. Harold had one though, I never used it. I even lost the cord. I found the cord while looking for other cords, and I charged it. I turned it on yesterday. It was a miracle. It got all the little crumbs, I didn’t have to sweep! It chased Kirby, Kirby chased it. It was a hoot. Long story short, cleaning isn’t always fun, but it’s what you make of it.


Today we are going to a pumpkin patch, to pick real pumpkins. The kids are going to love it, heck, I’m going to love it. Fall is amazing, and the best season to get things in order and running smoothly for the rest of the year.


Stay cozy and warm!



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