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Pumpkins, tractors, hay slides, oh my!

21 Oct

I don’t think I can say it enough, I love Fall! I love the colors, the snuggles, drinking tea while staring out your window as the leaves fall. It’s all wonderful. Harold and I make a point to make memories for our kids, ones that they will cherish and pass down to their kids, like ours did for us. One memory that I wanted to make this year was going to a pumpkin patch. A real live pumpkin patch with mud and tractors and hay. I sent out a help me find a pumpkin patch status update through Facebook, and one of our wonderful friends recommended to us Hunter Farms , and thankfully, other friends supported that option. We picked a day, planned the trek, and we were off! Well, two weeks later we were off.

The kids had such a good time. We ran around the hay maze, went down the slides, rode the tractor, slipped in the muddy fields, and ate hot dogs to warm our hands. Then we went antiquing! Harold is an amazing antiquer, and he really has a great knack and knows what he likes. We didn’t buy anything though, but I did find a great pair of vintage cowboy boots that I wanted, but had no reason to buy.

We had a lot of fun! Now it’s time for the weekend, and I am taking a day trip to see my BFF, sister from another mister, Carrie on Saturday. We are going to celebrate her birthday early. I am more excited than anything. And I’m even going to listen to one of those you can learn Spanish by listening to this CD for several hours while you drive thing. I am very excited. Soon I will be fluent! You won’t even know I wasn’t born in Mexico!

I am going to leave you with this though, because this post was short and sweet, just like this little guy.

Love and snuggles, and have a great weekend!


Cinderella should have had a roomba.

19 Oct

Anyone who has kids knows that there is always something to do. Something to clean, something to color, something to spell, or something to kiss and make better. As mom’s we are the booboo patrol, the drivers of the whambulance, the scullery maid, the executive chef, and the queens of the castle. This weekend, I was all that and more, I was the plumber.


I’m not the first one to raise my hand when someone needs help with power tools or building things. I simply do not know how to use most power tools and therefore become more of a burden. Alas, it is the 21st century, and women are strong and independent. I wanted a new shower head. The one that was in our shower was basic, very ho-hum. There was nothing exciting or note worthy about it. It worked though, so there was no huge rush to put in a new one. Harold likes the standard high pressure shower head, while I had dreams of luxurious showers in the amazon rainforest, where I would bathe under water falls and listen to the birds cuckoo their tropical symphony. While at home depot, we came across the bathroom aisle and found a great DOUBLE shower head at a reasonable price. Is it my amazon rainforest waterfall shower head? Not exactly, but it does have a nice cover all downpour rain effect that I like very much. We bought it, and it was my job to install it.

Now, I have installed shower heads before, but nothing with this many parts. There was the tube, the two shower heads, the rotating knobby thing. I thought I lost a washer, I couldn’t get the original shower head off, I had to learn to use a expandable crescent wrench, and I googled how to get it unstuck. I even slipped while putting parts of the new one on because no where on the package did it say “WARNING: Do not install while standing on the edges of your tube in wedge boots, and please for the love of all that is good don’t stand in a wet tub because you will slip and possibly die”. It was done though, I did it. I am proud and excited, and every time I take a shower I think of how exciting it was to do by myself, and how I didn’t break anything, only bruised my hip.

Secondly this weekend, I cleaned. I did more than my normal weekend cleaning, I deep cleaned. I broke out the mop, I moved all the furniture to the porch, I polished the cabinets and doors with orange oil, I folded clothes. It was hectic. Yesterday, after everything was said and done and we were already mid way through the week, I discovered the roomba. Now, I was always the person to make fun of the stupid things. It’s a vacuum, a robot vacuum. Harold had one though, I never used it. I even lost the cord. I found the cord while looking for other cords, and I charged it. I turned it on yesterday. It was a miracle. It got all the little crumbs, I didn’t have to sweep! It chased Kirby, Kirby chased it. It was a hoot. Long story short, cleaning isn’t always fun, but it’s what you make of it.


Today we are going to a pumpkin patch, to pick real pumpkins. The kids are going to love it, heck, I’m going to love it. Fall is amazing, and the best season to get things in order and running smoothly for the rest of the year.


Stay cozy and warm!


It’s like I just came back from Narnia, except I still aged.

13 Oct

I have been MIA as of the last two months almost. Being aware that my legion of two fans has hopelessly awaiting my newest post, my newest dump of knowledge onto this internet medium, I have prepared an apology letter. Here it goes;

I’m sorry. I was moving.

Sincerely, Caitlin

Yes yes, I know that does not cover it all, especially in a day and age in which the information highway known as the internet is accessible almost everywhere, at anytime, for any reason. I have a good reason though, I swear! I have put off getting internet at our new home until today. We have iPhones, and therefore were able to access our email and my substance abuse problem, also known as Facebook, and with a house barely put together, and two kids running around needing love and guidance every five minutes, the internet didn’t seem like that big of a deal. So, I hope my best friend Carrie, probably the only person who will read this with anticipation of discovering grammatical errors and the improper use of pronouns, can forgive me.

Now I must repent for my sins, and explain why I even have to repent from them in the first place. I have never moved before. I lived in the same house until I “moved in” with Harold. My clothes were always in the same place, my box of trinkets never moved from the desk, my cook books always in the bookcase with the glass door. Then I “moved in” with Harold during our courtship. By “moved in” I mean spent the nights at his house, went to my dad’s during the day to do my laundry, and pretty much lived out of my 84′ Toyota Camry. Then Harold gave me a drawer in his dresser, then a whole dresser, and finally I was given a key and told to stay there all the time. I didn’t pack boxes, label things, or put things away for storage. So, during the move I was at a loss. I had no clue what to do, or how to do it. Sure, I’d help people move before, but for some reason I’m either carrying boxes, or I’m on child watch duty. Our wonderful family and friends were able to help with the move, and we were able to get out fully in about two months. Yes, that is a long time just to move into a new home, but when you consider that Harold and I both work full-time, we have the kids, and we work completely opposite shifts half the time, it was a fine amount of time.

It’s done now, and I can settle into the new home. It’s our own little cottage on a great part of the island. We have a pond, we have great neighbors, and we have a plum-tree! We have baked cookies and cupcakes, stuffed squash, steaks, elk, and pasta in our new kitchen. We have run around the yard in the sun. We have waved at family and friends from the porch as they depart from a visit. It has already become a home to us, more than our previous rental did. Buying a house was the best choice for us, and we are so thankful for God placing the house before us.

Time to resume island life, and get organized. With Fall in full swing, there is a lot to do. Pumpkins to decorate with glitter, recipes to record, board games to play, and cuddles to give. Kirby is walking now so we have a whole new level of clean to achieve, Daphne is learning more everyday and wrote the word “bear” by herself yesterday, and the new home is ready to be filled with our memories and laughter. I don’t think I could have asked for a better life.

I will now be posting weekly if not more, and hope cultivate a great readership. I can’t wait to share what I know and things I learn about being a young mom, with old-fashioned values, in a world where everyone is moving 100 miles per hour.

Thanks for sticking with it!