Dilly bars, car trips, and Mellencamp

25 Jul

It’s been a long weekend of family, friends, and pig roasting. In retrospect, my weekend could have been a country song. Now as it is Monday, I am back to work and trying to adjust to being a slave to my ever-growing pile of laundry and house that needs to be vacuumed, as well as moving to the new house. A vacation, no matter how long, is always a nice way rejuvenate and relax. This is especially true when you are bathing in vitamin D and visiting with people who you seldom see. For now, as I have not gone through and edited all the pictures from my weekend, I will talk about two of my favorite moments from this weekend. This first is a small and insignificant thing for most people, but really hits home for me.


Growing up in our town is the definition of a John Cougar Mellencamp song. There is not a lot to do but that is okay. It’s a great place to learn what plant s are okay to stick in your mouth, what park has the best swing set, and what beach has the best place to park with your sweetie. Harold and I had one thing that our kids don’t get to experience, and that was a Dairy Queen. When I was young the owners changed hands, and that Dairy Queen was no longer a Dairy Queen. It became a delicious hamburger joint known as Zoomies that I worked at for quite some time during my high school years. The amazing service, finger licking food, and laughter were still there to embrace, but the Peanut Buster Parfaits were gone, and this was a big deal to me when I was 10. Zoomies is not the same anymore, and with no delicious ham,burger joint to be found, Daphne and Kirby don’t get to experience the same feel of that building as Harold and I did. There are still Dairy Queen’s in the area, but we seldom go off the island to enjoy them. Friday was different, and we were next to one and decided that it was the best way to start off our vacation.


We enjoyed our double cheeseburgers with no abandon, and had some great laughs. Daphne was such a smart girl and never stops surprising me. When she ordered her cheese burger she asked for milk, and when asked if she wanted chocolate milk or regular milk, she replied regular. If milk is something she wants, I am always happy that she speaks up, and when she goes for the regular milk verses the chocolate milk, I do a little happy dance. How often is it that a four-year old will willingly snatch up regular milk over chocolate? I never would have done that when I was her age. When it was time for ice cream, Daphne asked if she could have chocolate soft serve in a cup with the cone on top, yet again a great joy because it means less mess! Harold shared his hot fudge sundae with Kirby and I enjoyed my butterscotch dilly bar. I love creating memories like this, because it greatly reflects the memories that I had growing up of going to the DQ with my father for an afternoon treat. The ice cream was cold, but it still warmed my heart.


I drive and 1984 Toyota Camry, at least this was until Friday. As my car was over the 200 thousand mile mark, and was not the safest car to drive long distances, we had been looking for a replacement. Friday was our lucky day, as we found the perfect car on craigslist. She is a 2000 Mercury Sable, in a champagne gold color. While it was completely in our budget, it also had only minor problems and only 76 thousand miles. Can you say AMAZING DEAL? We drove her all weekend and are in love. Big enough for the kids in the back, spacious trunk, and comfy to boot. A big thumbs up from this mom!

Her name is Angela Lansbury because she is a champagne colored goddess, feels like you are riding on a bed going to magical places, and my father’s Buick Century is named Matlock, so they can solve crimes together. Our cars are the best of friends!



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