No I haven’t seen Harry Potter

18 Jul

An ominous mist has engulfed the north end of my island. It’s pretty terrifying, as I have read Stephen King’s “The Mist” from back to front countless times and seen the movie. I can tell you that reading about the monsters is more terrifying then seeing them because you can imagine all the little details of dripping mucus and oozing orbs of poison as they drip from the fangs of whatever creature has just whacked the elderly woman down in the isle of canned goods in the grocery store that they are all hiding in (maybe he was just getting some chicken and stars for the little mini blood sucking offspring that he has at home, we will never know), because apparently the best idea was to barricade yourself in the one building with a completely glass store front. But hey, at least they outlasted the people in the pharmacy!

This is the mist, and please excuse the horrible picture from my phone, I don’t normally bring my DSLR to work.

This is an odd July here in our town. Normally the weather is horrible till now, then it lightens and the sun finally pries itself out of the clouds and we all gripe about our sunburns for a month and it goes back to the cool moist air that we are so accustomed to.

REO Speedwagon just started playing on the radio. Give me a second while I jam out to this wonderful song of continuous love.

Well, this weekend was our annual town festival. Every year vendors come, as well as local businesses, and set up booths along main street to peddle goods or to get the word out about whatever currently worldly conundrum hits close to their hearts. You see everyone you know, and everyone who you have gone to high school with and would like to forget. It’s the magical quirk of a small town coming together for a weekend once a year to celebrate the picking of a fruit that we don’t actually pick anymore, because hey, we could just go get it all at the Costco across town, right? In the end you come home full of street food but still hungry, and either sunburned, damp from the rain that didn’t stop you from looking at dresses made in Thailand that have been priced at $10 a pop, or incredibly dehydrated because you didn’t think to keep drinking water and you only drank soda and the melted snow cone you bought thinking that was going to be a great way to keep liquid in your system. Did you learn it wasn’t? Are you going to vow to keep a water bottle on you at all times now? Are you going to forget your bottle of water the next time you spend 10 hours outside walking around with your family? Awesome. I’m glad we got that covered.

Here are some quick pictures of my wonderful family and I participating in the festivities. I like to think they are pure photography gold, but sadly I’m no Kelle Hampton. Maybe someday one of my pictures will get spotted by a person who happens to be wealthy and put photographs in National Geographic or some other large publication, buy my picture, and I will live off the royalties till I’m old and gray. Well, a girl can hope, right?

At this point the kids were about done with walking around and participating, and Daphne just wanted to get her groove on and kept dancing.

Today our TV gets hooked up at the new house, and next week our appliances get delivered. It’s going to be a hectic time full of weddings and camping trips, but thankfully we have a plan. I think. I’d like to think we have a plan.

I hope that my random method to my madness posts aren’t that annoying, because soon I will be starting my weekly cooking videos because I’m hilarious when I actually talk and my food is only sometimes burned 🙂

Happy almost August!


One Response to “No I haven’t seen Harry Potter”

  1. Carrie July 18, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    I love you. Just thought I’d say it for the billionth time 🙂

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