An update as I try to get things in order around my own home

3 Jul

It’s a long slow road for me to find time to sit here and peddle out the words that are an accurate description of my day to day life. In the past couple of weeks we have been dealing with closing on our house, throwing a 32nd birthday party for Harold, and going to a million family events as summer gets into full swing.

There is an add for something call “flirty girl fitness” on my television, and it says you may lose up to three inches in 2 weeks. It sounds great, but the whole concept is that you dance provocatively in front of your TV and it makes you burn calories. I would be too embarrassed to dance like that in my own home, mostly because I have windows and I think that if you saw me doing that you would want to run and dunk your face with your eyes wide open into the large body of salt water only 20 yards away from my door.

Harold’s birthday party went off wonderfully, with BBQ chicken, a potato bar, fruit, salads, and sweet tea all at everyone’s finger tips. We finished it off with red velvet cake that had “Harold” and “Sean” in chocolate written on top. It was a great experience that had everyone enjoying themselves and not stealing all my valuables after I crawled into bed and a slightly drunk Harold was left in charge. What can I say, I trust my husband!

Kirby is not only crawling everywhere, but he is pulling up on things as well and having a great time. He lowers himself oh so gently to the ground and a KATHUMP is heard round the house as his big ol’ booty crashes the last three inches to the floor. Daphne is enjoying her time in the sun, drinking sweet tea (we really love our sweet tea) and sticking her toes in the sand. Summer is a great time for everyone and I am so thankful that the sun is peaking itself out earlier then usual in our part of the county.

I hope everyone has a safe Independence Day and spends some quality time with loved ones.


I don’t have to share any of my potato chips because it’s nap time and now I have to go do the dishes,



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