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In the begining…. I obviously never thought I’d be so short on time as I really am.

5 Jun

Hello blogosphere!

This is Too Busy for Cupcakes! A blog for real moms, who have real lives, and dream of fitting in DIY projects, blow drying their own hair to perfection, cooking delicious meals for their family and friends, baking yummy cupcakes to have around the house, and taking amazing family photos with their cameras in between shuffling the kids to school, and making their house not look like a pig sty.  Thankfully, since this is a blog for real moms, that stuff is few are far between but that doesn’t mean we don’t love and cherish the lives we have made for ourselves.

I have two children, Daphne (4) and Kirby (9 months), and a glorious husband named Harold. We are your typical young family. We enjoy thrifting, cherish our sleep, love dreaming of new fancy cars and motorcycles, love camping, and any street festival. We also each work. I am a barista in the mornings before the children get up, and Harold works his fanny off doing landscaping and working at a grocery store. Thankfully, we are buying our first home right now and will soon be home owners! It is a very exciting time in our lives, and we try to love every minute of it.

If you are a mom who loves their family, but is realistic about what your life is, then this blog is for you. I will talk about my kids, my husband, my job, and the fact that we live on an island with no chain stores other then our grocery store and a Subway. I’ll post about my aspiring decoration dreams, and how we took the kids to the beach and Kirby ate a bunch of sand. How Daphne is terrified of spiders and loves to help me cook. I’ll write about all that and more. Just put up with me for a little bit to get hooked, please!


a mom who somehow got enough time to write all this,